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We are Henan Climb Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of aluminum alloy casting and processing. We have advanced processing technology and production equipment.We can produce most of 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8 series aluminium alloy, especially 5 series alloy. Our main products are aluminum sheet, plate, coil, checker plate, strip and foil etc.

These aluminum products are mainly exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Middle East and the Africa market and they are well received!

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Aluminium Alloy Sheet / Plate Products

5000 Series Aluminum Sheet / Plate

5 series aluminum alloy belongs to the commonly used alloy aluminum series. The main element is magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. Also known as aluminum magnesium alloy. The main features are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation.
The weight of Al – Mg alloy is lower than other series in the same area It is commonly used in aviation and shipping, and is also widely used in conventional industry. 5 series aluminum alloy is a deformed aluminum alloy with Mg as the main alloy element, so it is called Mg-Al alloy.

5083 aluminium sheet plate

5083 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5083 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O(annealed). H122. H116. H321 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 5083 Aluminium Plate Price.
5052 aluminium sheet

5052 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5052 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. O temper & H34 Aluminium Alloy Sheet Supplier. 5052 Aluminium Plate Price & Thickness Form.
5086 Aluminium Sheet

5086 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5086 Aluminium Sheet Supplier. Temper: H32, H111, H112, O. 5086 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5086 Aluminium Sheet Last Price.
5754 aluminium sheet

5754 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5754 aluminum Sheet/Plate supplier. O, H22, H24, H26, H111 5754 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5754 Aluminium Sheet Price.
5182 aluminium sheet plate

5182 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5182 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O, H111, H32, H19. Aluminium Alloy Sheet Manufacturer. 5182 Aluminium Plate Last Price.
5005 aluminium sheet

5005 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5005 aluminum Sheet Plate Supplier. H34, H14 5005 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5005 Aluminium alloy composition.
5454 aluminium sheet plate

5454 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5454 Aluminium Sheet Plate Manufacturer. Temper: O, H22, H32, H111, H112 Aluminium Alloy Sheet For Sales. 5454 Aluminium Plate Price.
5251 aluminium sheet plate

5251 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5251 Aluminium Sheet Supplier. Temper: O, H22,H111 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5251 Aluminium Sheet Last Price.

6000 Series Aluminum Sheet / Plate

6 series aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloy elements and Mg2Si phase as the strengthening phase, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. The alloy has the advantages of medium strength, high corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, good welding performance, unchanged corrosion performance in the welding area, good formability and process performance.

6061 aluminium sheet

6061 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

6061 Aluminium Sheet Plate Supplier. Temper: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112 Aluminium Alloy Sheet For Sales. 6061 Aluminium Plate Price.
6063 aluminium sheet

6063 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

6063 aluminum Sheet/Plate Price. O, T5, T6, H9 6063 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 6363 Aluminium alloy manufacturer.

6082 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

6082 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: T6, F, O, H112, T4, T651. Aluminium Alloy Sheet Supplier. 6082 Aluminium Alloy Price.

3000 Series Aluminum Sheet / Plate

3 series Aluminum Alloy is also called Al-Mn alloy aluminum plate. The content of manganese element is 1-1.5%. It is a widely used antirust aluminum alloy series. The strength of the 3-series aluminum alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum alloy. Although it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, it has good plasticity after cold processing (rolling by supercooled rolling mill) and annealing process treatment. Because of its good corrosion resistance and welding performance, it can be used in many industries, such as building decoration industry, Electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.

3003 Aluminium sheet plate

3003 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

3003 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: H14, T6, 3003 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 3003 Aluminium Plate Price.
3105 aluminium sheet plate

3105 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

3105 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18. 3105 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 3105 Aluminium Plate Price.

1000 Series Aluminum Sheet / Plate

1 series aluminum alloy is also called industrial pure aluminum, high-purity aluminum The aluminum content is above 99%. Good conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, low strength, and can not be strengthened by heat treatment It has good elongation and tensile strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity.

1050 aluminium sheet plate

1050 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

1050 aluminum Sheet/Plate Supplier. 1050, 1050A H12, H14, H16 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 1050 Aluminium Sheet Price.
1060 aluminium sheet plate

1060 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

1060 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O, T6. EN AW 1060 Aluminium Alloy Manufacturer. 1060 Aluminium Plate Price.
1100 aluminium sheet plate

1100 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

Good and Cheap 1100 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. H14, 1100 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 1100 Aluminium Plate Price.