5A75 Aluminium Mobile Phone Middle Plate

5A75 Aluminium Mobile Phone Middle Plate

Die casting height: 3mm

Die casting Width:

Die Casting Length:

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With the development of communication technology, the popularity of smart phones has become more and more widespread, and the demand has greatly increased. Smartphones generally consist of a screen, a motherboard, a mobile phone holder and a battery, while the middle plate on the mobile phone holder is usually made of aluminum alloy material by die casting, because the aluminum alloy material flows very well through the mold cavity in the molten state. , Therefore, the die-cast aluminum alloy medium plate has a high yield rate.

Aluminium Mobile Phone Mid-Plate

The mobile phone middle plate is an important part of smart phone. The requirements for structure, strength and weight are relatively high, which determines the overall quality of mobile phone. Therefore, the quality requirements for the middle plate are higher than other accessories. Mobile phone middle plate is a kind of die cast alloy mobile phone inner plate, including side, middle plate body, etc.

huaweilogoClimb Aluminum has the ability to produce and process mobile phone midboards. This year (2022), we established a strategic partnership with Huawei, China’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, and began to produce the latest model of Huawei’s mobile phone middle plate.


Material Aluminum alloy
Raw material model 5A75
Material process  aluminum alloy die-casting
Highest accuracy  local tolerance 0.01mm
Appearance process  batching, machining, electroplating
Whether to accept processing customization  yes
Number of parting surfaces of die casting mold  multiple parting surfaces
Die-casting mold cavity number  multi-cavity mold
Die-casting mold installation method  semi-fixed die-casting mold
Main processing equipment  Die-casting machine Punching machine CNC polishing machine Drilling machine Tapping machine
Process flow  Die-casting → batching → electroplating → salt spray test → full inspection
Quality system  ISO9001
Die casting height  3mm
Die casting length  67mm
Die casting width  29mm
Die casting weight  43.7g
Used for products  Smartphone mid-board


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