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Aluminium Sheets / Plates generally refers to aluminum alloy Sheets / Plates, which is formed by processing and rolling of aluminum ingot. The shape is rectangular and the thickness is between 0.2mm and 500mm. It can be classified according to alloy composition and thickness.

① According to the alloy composition, it can be divided into pure aluminum plate (made of pure aluminum), alloy aluminum plate (made of aluminum as the main component and added with other alloy elements), composite aluminum plate (made of a variety of materials and used for special purposes);

② According to the thickness, it can be divided into three types: thin plate (thickness: 0.15mm-2.0mm), conventional plate (thickness: 2.0mm-6.0mm), medium plate (6.0mm-25.0mm), thick plate (25.0mm-200mm) and ultra thick plate (more than 200mm).

Aluminum alloy Sheets / Plates is a kind of aluminum alloy profile material made by adding various alloy elements into aluminum, such as magnesium, copper, chromium, silicon, zinc, etc. through extrusion and aging. It is used in various industrial fields. The thickness of aluminum alloy plate is more than 2mm, which is also a kind of aluminum plate. It can be divided into many different series. Different series have different alloy compositions and different uses.

Aluminum alloy plate can be divided into 7 series, including 1 series pure aluminum plate; 2 series aluminum copper alloy plate; 3 series aluminum manganese alloy plate; 4 series aluminum silicon alloy plate; 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy plate; 6 series aluminum magnesium silicon alloy plate; 7 series aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy.

1 Series Aluminium Alloy 1050 / 1060 / 1100 / 1235 / 1200 / 1145
3 Series Aluminium Alloy 3003 / 3105
4 Series Aluminium Alloy 4004 / 4032 / 4043
5 Series Aluminium Alloy 5005 / 5052 / 5083 / 5086 / 5182 / 5754 / 5454 / 5A06 / 5A05 / 5251
6 Series Aluminium Alloy 6061 / 6082 / 6063
8 Series Aluminium Alloy 8011 / 8079 / 8006 / 8021

Uses: aluminum plates of different thickness are used in different fields. The thin plates can be used for lighting appliances, household appliances such as refrigerators or microwave ovens, elevators, and automobile decorative parts; Thick plates can be used for the decks of aerospace shuttles, military supplies and ships.

5083 aluminium sheet plate

5083 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5083 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O(annealed). H122. H116. H321 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 5083 Aluminium Plate Price.
5052 aluminium sheet

5052 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5052 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. O temper & H34 Aluminium Alloy Sheet Supplier. 5052 Aluminium Plate Price & Thickness Form.
5086 Aluminium Sheet

5086 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5086 Aluminium Sheet Supplier. Temper: H32, H111, H112, O. 5086 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5086 Aluminium Sheet Last Price.
5754 aluminium sheet

5754 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5754 aluminum Sheet/Plate supplier. O, H22, H24, H26, H111 5754 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5754 Aluminium Sheet Price.
5005 aluminium sheet

5005 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5005 aluminum Sheet Plate Supplier. H34, H14 5005 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5005 Aluminium alloy composition.
5182 aluminium sheet plate

5182 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5182 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O, H111, H32, H19. Aluminium Alloy Sheet Manufacturer. 5182 Aluminium Plate Last Price.
5454 aluminium sheet plate

5454 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5454 Aluminium Sheet Plate Manufacturer. Temper: O, H22, H32, H111, H112 Aluminium Alloy Sheet For Sales. 5454 Aluminium Plate Price.
5251 aluminium sheet plate

5251 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

5251 Aluminium Sheet Supplier. Temper: O, H22,H111 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 5251 Aluminium Sheet Last Price.
6061 aluminium sheet

6061 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

6061 Aluminium Sheet Plate Supplier. Temper: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112 Aluminium Alloy Sheet For Sales. 6061 Aluminium Plate Price.

6082 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

6082 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: T6, F, O, H112, T4, T651. Aluminium Alloy Sheet Supplier. 6082 Aluminium Alloy Price.
6063 aluminium sheet

6063 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

6063 aluminum Sheet/Plate Price. O, T5, T6, H9 6063 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 6363 Aluminium alloy manufacturer.
3003 Aluminium sheet plate

3003 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

3003 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: H14, T6, 3003 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 3003 Aluminium Plate Price.
3105 aluminium sheet plate

3105 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

3105 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18. 3105 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 3105 Aluminium Plate Price.
1050 aluminium sheet plate

1050 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

1050 aluminum Sheet/Plate Supplier. 1050, 1050A H12, H14, H16 aluminum alloy Sheet/Plate for sales. 1050 Aluminium Sheet Price.
1060 aluminium sheet plate

1060 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

1060 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: O, T6. EN AW 1060 Aluminium Alloy Manufacturer. 1060 Aluminium Plate Price.
1100 aluminium sheet plate

1100 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

Good and Cheap 1100 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. H14, 1100 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 1100 Aluminium Plate Price.
1235 Aluminium Sheet

1235 Aluminium Sheet / Plate

1235 Aluminium Sheet Plate For Sales. Temper: F,O,H12,H14,H16,H18. 1235 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 1235 Aluminium Plate Price.


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