Aluminium Coil

Aluminum Coil is actually aluminum sheet, which can be flat or rolled when delivered. As iron sheet does not have rust prevention effect, aluminum alloy has completely replaced iron sheet internationally. It is one of the commonly used products in aluminum sheet and strip materials. We can produce 1, 6 series, 3 series (rust proof aluminum), 5 series (corrosion resistant aluminum) and other series. The product has beautiful appearance, smooth and clean, and can be used well in various occasions.

1 Series 1050 Coil / 1060 Coil / 1100 Coil / 1235 Coil / 1200 Coil / 1145 Coil
3 Series 3003 Coil / 3105 Coil
4 Series 4004 Coil / 4032 Coil / 4043 Coil
5 Series 5005 Coil / 5052 Coil / 5083 Coil / 5086 Coil / 5182 Coil / 5754 Coil / 5454 Coil / 5A06 Coil / 5A05 Coil / 5251 Coil
6 Series 6061 Coil / 6082 Coil / 6063 Coil
8 Series 8011 Coil / 8079 Coil / 8006 Coil / 8021 Coil

Common thickness of Aluminium Coil

3mm. 38mm. 4mm. 45mm. 48mm. 5mm. 55mm. 56mm. 58mm. 6mm. 62mm. 64mm. 68mm. 7mm. 74mm. 75mm. 78mm. 8mm. 85mm. 86mm. 88mm. 9mm.

Advantages of Aluminum Coil Products

  • Advantage 1: As the proportion of SWA is 2.71, the weight of SWA per square meter is very light, which can save a lot of raw materials for enterprises and reduce costs.
  • Advantage 2: As SWA has the characteristics of aluminum, it has a bright and clean exterior and has a certain aesthetic effect. In the later stage, there is no need to worry about the rust of the product.
  • Advantage 3: It is convenient for construction. Aluminum has high plasticity, and can be easily bent and wound. It greatly improves the working efficiency.

Application site of aluminum coil

Commercial buildings, airports, high-speed trains/stations, subways, sports venues, schools, parks, meeting rooms, villas, office buildings, hospitals, administrative buildings, exhibition halls, tunnels, homes, opera houses, hotels/clubs, banks, factories/workshops, shopping malls/restaurants, transportation vehicles, libraries, machine rooms, basements, parking lots, breeding farms, overpasses/sidewalks, toll stations, gas stations, and signboards

1050 aluminium coil

1050 Aluminium Coil

1050 aluminum Coil Supplier. 1050, 1050A H12, H14, H16 aluminum alloy Coil for sales. 1050 Aluminium Coil Price.
1060 aluminium coil

1060 Aluminium Coil

1060 Aluminium Coil For Sales. Temper: O, T6. EN AW 1060 Aluminium Alloy Coil Manufacturer. 1060 Aluminium Plate Price.
1100 aluminium coil

1100 Aluminium Coil

1100 aluminum Coil Supplier. 1100 H12, H14, H16 aluminum alloy Coil for sales. 1100 Aluminium Sheet Price.
3003 aluminium coil

3003 Aluminium Coil

3003 Aluminium Coil Manufacturer. Temper: H14, T6, 3003 Aluminium Coil Supplier. Analysis Of Advantages And Disadvantages.
3105 Aluminium Coil

3105 Aluminium Coil

3105 Aluminium Coil Supplier. Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18. 3105 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. 3105 Aluminium Coil Price.
5005 Aluminium Coil

5005 Aluminium Coil

5005 Aluminum Coil Supplier. H34, H14 5005 aluminum alloy Coil for sales. 5005 Aluminium alloy Coil composition.
5052 Aluminium Coil

5052 Aluminium Coil

5052 Aluminium Coil. O temper & H34 Aluminium Alloy Coil Supplier. 5052 Aluminium Colin Price & Thickness Form.
5083 Aluminium Coil

5083 Aluminium Coil

5083 Aluminium Coil Supplier. Temper: O(annealed). H116. H111. H32. O. Alloy Aluminium Coil Manufacturer. 5083 Aluminium Price.


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