What is aluminium sheet / plate?

Aluminium sheet or plate is made of aluminum either by casting, rolling. or extrusion. Aluminum is strong light, and low-density, so it’s versatile in many industries.It has an electrochemical equivalent capacity (ECe)of 2.8 kWh/kg,meaning it can store and deliver more than twice the energy of similarly sized copper due to its superconducting properties.Aluminum sheets or plates can be used in glass and other optical components,LCD panels,TV and lighting,building and construction,transportation,and architectural features.

what is aluminium sheet

Characteristics of Aluminium sheet or plate

·For an aluminum sheet or plate,its physical properties (specific gravity,density,dip hardness, and so on) are greatly affected by the raw material composition, processing conditions, and processes used. Therefore it is essential to understand the characteristics of an aluminum sheet or plate before you buy it.

·Aluminum can repair and strengthen concrete.An aluminum sheet or plate is usually 5-6 times stronger than steel of the same alloy weight.Aluminum big sheets are used in walls, facades, bridges, and dams that are too heavy to support their weight

·Aluminum is non-magnetic and robust,and it lessens the weight of the construction.It has high corrosion resistance,and its performance is guaranteed under all weather conditions,making it ideal for outdoor use.

what is aluminum sheet

·Aluminum alloy sheet is a typical transition metal or solid oxidizing material. Not only is it resistant to corrosion,but it also has good weldability and welding performance.

·The melting point of aluminum alloy is low but high strength and can be cold-rolled into thin sheets, so it is widely used in large steel structure projects such as aircraft and ships.

·Aluminum sheets or plates, such as internal doors,windows,and external decoration, are used in construction. It is commonly used in construction and has high strength,a good appearance,and long service life.It is cost-effective because of its low cost and lightweight.

·They are widely used in the wheel industry,especially with the automotive wheel. It has a high hardness and a low tear resistance of the tire surface so that you can get the excellent performance of tires.

What is aluminium plate

·Aluminum alloy is easy to process,deform and weld,making it suitable to be applied to various structures.

·Aluminum sheets or plates can be applied to various industries,such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, commercial vehicles,motorcycles, and motorcycles.It is cost-effective and has low weight.

·Aluminum is easy to process. deform., and welding, so it can be used in many structures such as bridges and dams.

·Aluminum sheets or plates are used in panels for household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators.It is low-cost, durable,and low weight,making it easy for transportation.