How to clean aluminium checker plate?

The aluminium checker plate needs to be maintained and cleaned. How to clean the aluminium checker plate? How to do it without damaging the surface of the patterned aluminum plate?  Climb ALU. will introduce the cleaning of aluminium checker plate in detail.

There are three main categories of aluminum checkered plate: ordinary aluminum alloy pedal, aluminum magnesium alloy checkered plate, and aluminum alloy plate.

How to clean aluminium checker plate

1: Ordinary aluminum alloy checkered plate
The common aluminum alloy pedal is a patterned aluminum plate obtained by processing 1060 series aluminum plate as the base material. In terms of price, it is the cheapest of the three types and the most widely used aluminum plate. It is basically not a special environment. The common outer packaging we use now uses this common molybdenum alloy pedal

2: Aluminum alloy pedal
The aluminum alloy pedal has a deeper aluminum content and is a patterned aluminum plate processed from the most basic material of 3003 series aluminum plate. This aluminum plate pattern has the characteristics of rust prevention, so it is usually used in places where rust prevention is required, such as truck compartments, refrigerated floors, etc

3: Aluminum-magnesium alloy checkered plate
Aluminum magnesium alloy patterned plate has the highest aluminum content, and usually uses patterned aluminum plate processed by 5000 series aluminum plate as the base material. The pattern of this aluminum plate is not only very hard, it can bear gravity, but also takes into account the dual functions of rust and corrosion, and is usually used in particularly humid places, such as ships

No matter which of the above aluminum plates, attention should be paid when cleaning.

1. Do not use hard brush to force cleaning, because not all aluminum materials have sufficient hardness

2. Do not use strong alkali and strong acid cleaner to clean aluminum plate, because not all aluminum plate materials are suitable for acid and alkali.

What is the best way to clean aluminum profiles?

First, clean the surface of the patterned aluminum plate with a large amount of water, and then use a soft cloth to take diluted neutral detergent and gently wipe the surface of the patterned aluminum plate. After scrubbing, clean the aluminum plate with plenty of water. Until all neutral detergent is removed. One thing to note is that you should not use hot water above 40 ℃

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