5083 H116 Aluminum Plate Meets Marine Requirements

In the modern shipbuilding industry, especially in the construction of high-speed ships, aluminum alloy structures with low density are often used to achieve lightweight and improve ship speed. 5083 H116 aluminum plate has high strength and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the harsh marine environment.

5083 H116 Aluminum Plate

5083 marine aluminum plates are mostly used in H116/H321/H112 state, and can be used on yachts, cruise ships and fishing boats. 5083 aluminum plate used as ship plate is not only significantly lightweight. From the perspective of ship designers, ships made of aluminum plate can have faster speed and longer service life under the same dynamic conditions.

5083 H116 Aluminum Plate Meets Marine Requirements

What are the advantages of 5083 H116 aluminum plate for ships?

1. Welding performance
In shipbuilding, the performance lost due to welding cannot be recovered by means of re heat treatment. 5083 aluminum plate has good welding crack resistance, and the performance of welded joints after welding has little difference, so it is very conducive to shipbuilding welding.

2. Corrosion resistance
After aluminum contacts with air, it will form a layer of dense aluminum oxide film on its surface, which can well resist the corrosion of various elements in seawater. In addition, with the anodic oxidation technology, aluminum alloy ship plates can maintain a very stable shape in seawater.

3. Cold and hot forming properties
The ship shall undergo cold processing (such as folding, crimping, roll bending, stamping, etc.) and hot processing (such as hot bending, hot work straightening, etc.) during construction. Therefore, it is required that the marine aluminum alloy is easy to process and form, without cracks and other defects during processing, and can still meet the strength, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements after processing. The 5083 aluminum plate meets the performance requirements of marine aluminum plate.

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